"We would love if our personalities get unnoticed by the mankind, but actions repeated."
"અમે ઇચ્છીએ કે દુનિયા અમારું નામ યાદ ન રાખે પરંતુ કાર્ય આગળ વધારે."

Avbodh – meaning awareness is dedicated towards spreading knowledge in usable form. We are an organization working for the awareness and importance of education amongst the children of villages. Avbodh Knowledge Foundation ltd. is a registered organization under section 25 of the Indian Companies Act since 2004. We have been making sincere efforts in making the existing knowledge available to every single man, every single child.

The director of Avbodh knowledge foundation, Mr Ravin Vyas has teamed up with Ms Hiral Mehta of Innovative Quality Group Spirit Evolves Via Awareness (SEVA) project and started a movement called AIREP (Avbodh IQG Rural Empowerment Program). AIREP intends to generate a replicable, self sustainable model for rural empowerment founded on the pillars of education, vocation and healthcare.

Our achievement:
We work at the grassroot level to empower the villages near Ahmedabad city. AIREP has been functioning successfully for past 18 months. We began with having only 10 children attending the school and now we have 300+ students coming to school regularly. The result of SSC examination improved from less than 20% to more than 60% in Paldi Kankrej, thanks to AIREP in a matter of a year.

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